Do you love renewables? Do you enjoy card games?

Now there is a game for you!

Welcome to the Age of Renewables!

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A card game for renewable energy projects! You are on a mission to save the planet by creating new projects.

Promote renewable energy!

Go play and enjoy!

We live in a small but beautiful planet that has enough resources to provide us and our children with all what we need to live and thrive.

In the past, we burned fossil fuels to cover our energy needs, polluting the environment and destructing the ecosystems we are all sharing leading to climate change. But the Age of Renewables has come!

The renewable energy revolution is happening and now there is a fun game that shows you the way to power your future!

Your goal is to design, build and operate renewable energy projects by building melds. Each meld you create is a new project.

the game combines fun and understanding of how renewable energy technologies work!

Join us in this great adventure

Have fun &
save the world!